7 September 2021

A fast and precise measuring system

In response to the demand for rapid and precise measurements of SAR from industry on the one hand, and to the need of the public authorities to strengthen the monitoring of the exposure levels of users of connected objects, the company ART-Fi has designed , developed, produced and then constantly optimized a disruptive and ergonomic measurement system, the ART-MAN. Its use makes it possible to obtain precise and rigorous SAR measurements, in particular on 5G, from the device design phase (R&D) through systematic testing in production, until reconditioning. In the design phase of a new connected object, a 5G smartphone for example, the ART-MAN greatly optimizes the adjustment of the multiple antennas fitted to the device, thus making it possible to find the connectivity balance (transmission-reception) in the strict compliance with regulatory thresholds.

“Since 2009, we had identified the need to modernize the measurement of electromagnetic waves emitted by mobile phones and connected objects. This 100% French technological innovation mainly revolutionizes the SAR measurement, by providing instantaneous high-precision measurements, from design (R&D) to mass production of a new device. In order to ensure to consumers that these wireless devices meet the regulatory thresholds when they are marketed, ART-Fi’s technological breakthrough also makes it possible to test all the devices directly on their production and reconditioning lines. This innovation finally fills the regulatory multiple emission measuring gaps, made already essential with the 5G deployment.” Stéphane Pannetrat, co-founder of ART-Fi.

A multi-application solution

This revolutionary system is also capable of measuring waves in real conditions, without any particular configuration of the telephone, just like the radio frequency signals emitted simultaneously by new generations of mobile phones. ART-MAN is now deployed in the R&D centers of the main mobile manufacturers, as well as in production centers for new and refurbished devices. The ANFR’s SAR measurement laboratory was also equipped this year.

Technical and human support

This patented innovation came to fruition as a result of a process of cutting-edge observation, research and development, thanks to the intervention of experts, including Matra Électronique. Our technological know-how and the associated resources were decisive, in particular for the electronic development of the network of vector sensors immersed in a liquid, also revolutionary, composing the ART-MAN, the ultra wide band. By joining our approach to supporting startups, ART-Fi has benefited from the performance of our industrial tool and the technical expertise of our teams in terms of industrialization and serialization of electronic equipment.

Like ART-Fi, do you have an innovative electronic project? Adopt the start-up attitude of Matra Électronique and make your idea a reality!

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Since 2010, Matra Électronique has supported the French company ART-Fi in the production of its revolutionary SAR measurement system: ART-MAN. The S.A.R., or Specific Absorption Rate, quantifies the absorption by the human body of energy carried by electromagnetic waves.
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