Matra Electronique equips its factory of the future with Exotec® solutions

Matra Electronique equips its factory of the future with Exotec® solutions

11 April 2024

The Exotec installation at Matra Electronique in a few figures:

  • 11 Skypod® robots deployed
  • 500m² of managed surface
  • 3 picking stations
  • 29 levels of bins
  • +25% storage volume

Croix, March 19, 2024 – Exotec, a global designer and supplier of robotic solutions for warehouses, will equip Matra Électronique’s future production site in Venette, a precision electronic equipment manufacturer, with its Skypod® solution. Following thorough technological monitoring, the industrial company has entrusted Exotec’s robots with the task of supplying the 2,400m² of its logistics building.

Exotec’s Expertise Driving Performance

With over 40,000 component and material references, Matra Électronique faces numerous challenges in logistics and supply chain management. The diversity of materials and tools stored for the manufacturing of electronic equipment for its customers requires significant storage volumes and an efficient picking system. To best address these challenges, the solutions developed by Exotec have proven to be the most suitable and high-performing in the market within a highly secure sector where implementing reliable connected systems is complex.

Matra Electronique trusted Exotec due to the performance of its Skypod® solution. The deployment of 11 Skypod® robots over an area of 500 m² will double the site’s productivity in processing orders with highly varied volumes and numerous references to handle. Exotec solutions will also support and improve the quality of work life for employees by directly delivering parts to the 3 workstations at speeds of up to 4 meters per second. Exotec’s installation, including 29 levels of bins spanning almost 10 meters in height, directly addresses Matra Electronique’s storage challenges by increasing density by 25%.

“In the spirit of innovation and progression towards Industry 4.0, optimizing our storage space has become imperative, with the equivalent of a round trip between Venette and Paris in kilometers of cable and several tens of millions of parts. As part of this initiative, a portion of our production resources are now stored in dynamic storage systems, with some even under controlled environments. The future logistics area of our under-construction industrial site represents a significant advancement, enabling us to double our storage capacities and strengthen our adaptation to new industry standards,” explains Jérémie Plisson, Technical Director of Matra Électronique.

Innovation to Support Matra Electronique’s Growth

The company, which achieved a turnover of €87.9 million and employs 440 staff, was seeking a trusted partner to accompany its transformation and address the challenges of its new augmented factory spanning 19,000 m². The ability to provide innovative, powerful, and tailored solutions was key to addressing the challenges of reindustrialization in a highly secure environment.
With several years of research and development, Exotec’s solutions proved to be in line with the company’s ambitions to support its growth and this scaling change.

Renaud Heitz, CTO and co-founder of Exotec: “By combining Exotec’s technologies with Matra Electronique’s expertise, we are working towards a future where operational efficiency, team comfort, and reduced energy impact become a reality. We are proud to support Matra Electronique in its transformation and innovation challenges. This partnership showcases the future of industry and French industrial expertise.”

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About Exotec
Exotec designs goods-to-person robotic solutions for warehouses of the world’s leading brands. The company combines the best of hardware and software to provide flexible systems that enhance operational efficiency, resilience, and working conditions for operators. Over 30 brands, leaders in their sectors including Carrefour, Decathlon, Gap, and Uniqlo, trust Exotec to improve their operations and effectively manage rapid changes in business models and customer expectations. To learn more, visit

About Matra Electronique
A subsidiary of MBDA France, Matra Électronique is recognized as a reference in the French electronic industry. As a provider of intelligent and robust solutions for defense, space, aerospace, and security, the electronic equipment manufacturer also serves as an incubator for innovative concepts, translating ideas into technological products through its support for startups. The company currently employs 440 staff members. To learn more, visit

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Matra Electronique's new production site in Venette will integrate Exotec's expertise and solutions to enhance productivity while reducing tasks with high levels of hardship.
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