In order to control the quality of its measuring devices, Matra Electronique set up a metrological laboratory in 1991. Since the outset, external customers could benefit of these services.
Each year, almost 10,000 inspections, adjustments and repairs have been carried out on the basis of 15,000 active devices.

Our expertise relates to electrical measuring instruments (voltage, current, resistance measuring), temperature measuring instruments (-100°C/ +1000°C), hygrometry, time/frequency, super high frequencies (up to 40GHz), NI/VXI/PCI/LXI instrumentation cards representing all types of functions (generator, multimeter, oscilloscope, etc.).

Some “electricity and magnetism” services can be provided in the scope of our “Cofrac” accreditation no. 2.1268 (available on ).

Some technical services can be carried out by taking over the complete management of the customer’s instrument fleets.

Customer loyalty is the result of the quality of our service in terms of:

  • Logistical flexibility enabling management of all fleet sizes
  • Maintenance (cleaning, etc.) and repairs
  • Storing measurement statements to ensure traceability, connection to the international system of units and quality assurance
  • Adjusting timeframes based on practical feedback on our database in order to optimise quality and costs
  • Advice on your needs and purchases. Our lab is able to loan equivalent instrument for the repair lead time in the event of a breakdown
  • Carrying out on-site work when equipment cannot be moved

Our high-quality service allows our customers to constantly optimise their metrology costs with no management efforts required.