Matra Électronique labeled TRUST Metrology

Matra Électronique labeled TRUST Metrology

8 February 2021

Our metrology services include:

The TRUST Metrology label, awarded following an audit conducted by recognized experts in the field (manufacturers, auditors, professional metrologists, service providers, consultants, etc.) from large companies, service providers but also independent consultants, enables us to assert our best practices towards our customers, to benefit from an external vision of our Metrology activity, to pursue our continuous improvement process.

This audit focused on several elements of our measurement process, namely:

  • Justification of a measurement carried out,
  • Analysis of the criticality of a measurement and of the associated measuring instrument,
  • Analysis of the settings influencing the measurement,
  • Estimation of uncertainties,
  • Methods for monitoring the instrument and connecting to national standards,
  • Optimization of the measurement process,
  • Staff qualifications and training,
  • Traceability of measurements,
  • Management of measurement results (storage, securing, etc.),
  • Control of subcontracting.

Matra Électronique is very proud to announce that it has been awarded the Trust MEtrology label and congratulates all the teams involved!


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A true pledge of our know-how in metrology for our laboratories located in Hauts-de-France, Ile-de-France and the Région Centre, the TRUST Metrology label is a mark of recognition of good practices applied for more than 10 years by our teams. .
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