The Supply Chain is in charge of purchasing and procurement of all Matra Electronique’s needs (products and services) and logistics (deliveries and shipment). The team is made of 28 experienced people, including Buyers, Procurement Managers, Supplier Quality Managers, Controllers, Logistics Agents, who represent our skills. Our main Challenges:

  • Reduce and control purchasing costs
  • Identify and Manage risks
  • Satisfy internal customers


By relying on the “Purchasing Management” and “Procurement” process, using the ERP, the Supply Chain transforms requests into purchase orders able to be exploited by people involved in specifying and supplying needs. Special care is paid to mastering our procurement process in terms of competitiveness, quality and OTD, which is combined with developing and monitoring suppliers’ performance. Reducing risks linked to procurement is a major challenge in order to achieve and maintain customer satisfaction. In addition, we strive to make proposals in various areas by:

  • Implementing Electronic Data Interchange with our suppliers
  • Developing ship-to-stock with our suppliers
  • Implementing dynamic procurement plans
  • Managing component obsolescence
  • Buffer stock setting up (when needed)

THE GROUP’S STRENGTH Synergies with MBDA provide us the ability to globalise needs in order to implement attractive supplier agreements, share resources to improve monitoring and assessment of our partners.