Launch of Oneweb satellites

On the 27th of February, the Airbus DS, Oneweb Satellites teams, as well as satellites suppliers were invited to the 6 first OneWeb satellites constellation live broadcast.

As a supplier of 3 equipment (OBC,PLIU,PCDU) Matra Electronique assist to the live broadcast of the launch.

At 10.37 p.m, the 6 first OneWeb satellites were launched from Kourou base. The launcher went on time and the floors separation went well. 

The next day,Greg Wyler,constellation founder said:«Our 6 pilots status launched yesterday evening indicates that communication with the 6 satellites was established, that is validating the functioning of avionics unit, this is a very promising assessment !».

This is a nice human challenge and an achievement for our company.


Next step :  Generation 1 launch,with the first equipment serial produced by Matra Electronique !